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Adventures in Leading a Large-Scale Agile Transformation: Part 2 Learnings & Reflections

In Part I, we described our journey in Leading an Agile transformation for a complex hardware product development program in…

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Adventures in leading a large-scale Agile transformation: Part 1

Leading a large-scale Agile transformation is hard.  It requires relentless focus and discipline to create an environment that empowers teams…

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If it’s behaviour change you’re after, forget better metrics and try better questions

“If our companies are going to be more profitable, if our strategies are going to be successful, if our society…

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Connection, Conscious Obligation and Self-Worth

Over the last few years, I have been involved in several projects which have required us to improve visibility and…

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Just an illusion? The magic of virtual facilitation

“Can facilitation still be magical when conducted remotely?” is a question that was first considered when telephone coaching circles were…

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Crowd Power: From Harmonious Rebellion to Engaged Alliance

I was at a conference recently where I was reminded of a 2017 Gallup employee engagement report on the State…

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Seek Out Your Doubting Believers and Embrace Your Red Conditions

Last week I witnessed a discussion during a workshop on the use of top down goals and targets and a…

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The Art of “Go, Look, See”

Last year Tate issued a guide to “slow looking”, citing studies that found that visitors to art galleries spend an…

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Finding, keeping and releasing human capital

There is a growing body of evidence that some companies are beginning to find the answer to creating high-performance culture.…

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