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Coaching for Performance

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

John Whitmore

The importance of coaching in the workplace is growing as the pace of development in our world drives a rapid increase in volatility, complexity and ambiguity.

When done well coaching increases personal confidence and a sense of control which, in turn, creates capacity and helps to motivate and empower individuals to excel. The natural consequence of this is an increase in employee wellbeing, personal growth, and organisational performance.

Many leaders describe themselves as good coaches

In a recent HBR survey, 25% of the 3500 executives questioned rated themselves as excellent coaches. In the same survey, the recipients of the coaching described their leaders as generally poor coaches. How frustrating must it be to feel that you are coaching well only to find out that it isn't being received as such?

If we define coaching as...

“the systematic pursuit of desired conditions by utilizing human capabilities in a concerted way” or, to put it another way, “questioning to facilitate the seeing and thinking of others"

it becomes clear that coaching is a difficult skill that requires practice and commitment. It also involves personal risk on behalf of the coach in that the quality of coaching provided is always defined by the recipient.

We help leaders to build their confidence and competence in coaching to be able to commit to leading their teams through skillful questioning

In doing so we help you and your teams accelerate your speed of learning and speed of decision making whilst growing capacity and capability.

We provide a wide range of coaching interventions, typically in the following areas:

Coaching for behavioural modification

Coaching for performance

Coaching for structured problem solving

Coaching for increasing speed and quality of learning

Coaching for personal development

We are able to deliver individual (1:1) coaching or through triads or even in larger groups or teams. 

Contact us today if you would like to release the latent potential in your teams through the power of questioning.

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