Our Principles & Practices

Accelerating flow of knowledge work

All businesses have processes that manage knowledge.  Understanding these processes, whether they are internal or customer facing, and increasing process efficiency is crucial to delivering operational excellence, optimizing costs, resource utilization and output.

We work with businesses from IT to high tech engineering to help them make sense of their processes.  We focus on enabling organisations to increase throughput and efficiency by taking a strategic approach to optimizing & streamlining workflows, eliminating unnecessary steps, and leveraging technology to enhance collaboration & engagement whilst maximizing output.

Take a look at some of the common challenges we find in organisation's processes from our work.


Priority pinball.svg

Priority Pinball

Continually shifting priorities (can lead to multi-tasking / context switching).

Job juggling.svg

Job Juggling

Multiple activities in progress simultaneously switching between work (can lead to losing up to 30% productivity).

Flow fog.svg

Flow Fog

A lack of clarity over how work is flowing or status of work (can lead to storytelling, lack of data driven decisions, incorrect focus, which can lead to being predictably late).

Predictably late.svg

Predictably Late

The data from previous, similar work exists and the current business workload is known but isn't used in forecasting. 

Stagnation slow moving WIP.svg

Stagnation / Slow Moving WIP

Activities that have been ongoing forever and may or may not be valuable now but consume energy and attention.

Misaligned priorities.svg

Misaligned Priorities

Different teams working on different focus areas (can lead to high waiting time or quickly changing priorities).

Waiting for efficiency.svg

Waiting for Efficiency

Many organisations prefer to load their people close to 100% utilisation to gain resource efficiency, which leads to significant queues and much higher cost of delays. 

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We deliver

A 30% improvement in productivity in 100 days

By using our Release Valve® process to map business processes and collaborate with key stakeholders we can rapidly enable teams to identify the key bottlenecks and non-value-adding activities and work to eliminate wasted time and effort, leading to 30% improvement in productivity in 100 days.

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