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The Art of "Go, Look, See"

Inspired by Tate's "slow looking" guide, which encourages spending more time on each artwork to uncover hidden details, this blog draws a parallel to the Lean principle of "Go, Look, See." This approach involves leaders observing work directly on the…

Crowd Power: From Harmonious Rebellion to Engaged Alliance

At a recent conference, I was reminded of Gallup's 2017 report revealing that only 33% of employees are engaged, with many actively disengaged. Daniel Pink’s TED talk on motivation underscores the importance of autonomy, mastery, and purpose,…

Stop, collaborate, and listen... with intention

Working and collaborating in a hybrid world is a topic that most of us will have lived experience of…and strong opinions too, but are the approaches we use actually helping?

If it’s behaviour change you’re after, forget better metrics and try better questions

Perhaps now, more than at any other time in modern history, we approach a moment of truth as a society, where both the need and the opportunity for societal advancement might just align. We increasingly live in a knowledge economy and yet many…

Why it's ok not to know what you think you should

We live in the Information Age where the world has never been more connected. Decades of technological developments like Global Transportation and Digitalisation have massively increased connectivity between people, places, products, and processes.

Adventures in Leading a Large-Scale Agile Transformation: Part 2 Learnings & Reflections

In Part I, we described our journey in Leading an Agile transformation for a complex hardware product development program in a highly regulated industry within a large multinational company.

Adventures in leading a large-scale Agile transformation: Part 1

Leading a large-scale Agile transformation is hard. It requires relentless focus and discipline to create an environment that empowers teams to deliver innovation at pace. There are thousands of publications describing how this should be done in…