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Leadership Training & Development

”It is not enough that management commit themselves to quality and productivity, they must know what it is they must do. Such a responsibility cannot be delegated.”

W Edwards Deming

In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world the need to adapt and continuously change has never been so apparent

As leaders, we no longer have a choice, if we want our organisation to survive and our employees to thrive we must place ourselves at the forefront of change.  Often this means that we need to invest in our leadership capability and/or develop the skills of those that we serve.

If your transformation programmes aren’t delivering what they promised or you feel that you’re not realising the latent potential in your organisation or team then you would probably benefit from our training programmes.

What we offer?

We offer a range of training interventions targeted at people who need to deliver improvements in team or organisational performance.

For Senior Leaders:

Strategy Deployment – Translating Strategy into Action – for organisations that need to improve the alignment and engagement of all employees in delivering strategic goals.

Business Agility – Leading Large Scale Transformation – for organisations that need to improve their responsiveness through development of an agile mindset and operating system.

For Leaders at all levels:

Agile Product Development – for organisations that need to improve the performance of their Product Development System.

Agile Programme Management – for organisations that need to improve their Programme and Project Management performance.

Lean / Operational Excellence – for organisations that need to improve the quality and productivity of their business operation.

For anyone in an organisation:

Kanban – for teams looking to make rapid improvements in performance by managing their work more efficiently.

Lean Agile – for teams looking to deliver through uncertainty by increasing the speed and effectiveness of their inspect and adapt rituals and routines.

Our programmes are flexible to suit your needs

We can deliver all of our training programmes either face to face or remotely using the latest virtual learning technologies to ensure that we provide an enjoyable and insightful experience that creates an impetus for innovation in your organisation. 

The majority of our training courses are tailored to the specific needs of our clients using an instructional design methodology so that we can maximise the benefit of the intervention and accelerate the development of new habits.

We also offer standard, off-the-shelf training for smaller organisations or those with an urgent need.

How we measure success...

We only deliver training programmes if they will make a tangible difference for our clients. We use the 4-step Kirkpatrick Evaluation methodology to understand our positive impact and to help us get even better.

The reaction of participants to the content delivery and style of our teaching and coaching.
Knowledge & Skills Transfer
The change in knowledge and skills of each participant as a result of completing the programme.
Behaviour Change
The change in behaviour of each participant as a result of completing the programme.
Organisational Results
The change in Key Performance Indicators delivered as a result of completing the programme.

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