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Lean Agile Product Development

“In product development our job is to create a new recipe. If we produce the same recipe twice, it has no value.”

Don Reinertsen

Time to market for new products that meet customer expectations is a key differentiator to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing world.

Making the right decisions at the right time based on the right knowledge is crucial. Traditional approaches to product development often encourage teams to fix requirements and decisions early and to move as quickly as possible into the detailed execution phase. This often results in teams having to make assumptions that are invisible and decisions become hardcoded into the programme that later prove difficult and expensive to revisit if flawed. 

We work with Product Development teams to accelerate program delivery by focusing on sequencing and flow of key decisions from the early exploration stages.  This improves transparency, creates alignment across teams, and mitigates the risk of downstream waste from having built-in flawed assumptions which would ultimately require costly and time-consuming rework loops.  In doing so, teams dramatically reduce the risk of their products failing to meet customer requirements, whilst delivering faster and at lower cost.

“The performance of the whole is never the sum of the performance of the parts taken separately: but it’s the product of their interactions”

Russel L. Ackoff

We use our experience of having led large scale Agile transformations in complex product development environments to support Leadership teams in finding a new way.  This typically includes developing a fit for purpose Agile roadmap for their own product development programmes including insights and practical tips on how to deal with key challenges as an organisation looks to scale Agile across multiple teams.

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